https://youtu.be/ZKUDmQ33IO0 Experimentation When I met John Carter – ex Chief Engineer of BOSE – he told me that he was on the team that created noise-cancelling earphones, a significant innovation in the industry. Incidentally, when they set out to create the product, they weren’t looking to create noise-cancelling earphones, instead they were looking to produce […]

Scaling frameworks

Some people can operate purely from values and principles, but often, when they are under pressure, those same people battle to figure out what they should do without the benefit of practices and tools to help guide them.

Short-lived teams.

https://youtu.be/TaS_XnMvu_s Short lived teams. I want to talk to you about a time when IT systems failed, and I put it to you that they failed because of a flawed outsourcing strategy. Outsourcing Strategy One of the case studies was the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) where their systems were out of place for several […]

Walk the Gemba.

https://youtu.be/idVj-PtK5Ig Walk the Gemba. Gemba walks denote the action of going to see the actual process, understand the work, ask questions, and learn. It is also known as one fundamental part of Lean management philosophy. Leadership occurs at all levels. In traditional organizations, that often means managers who are in a position of leadership but […]

What is efficiency tunnel vision?

https://youtu.be/_8PI24q6vwA What is efficiency tunnel vision? Efficiency is great. It’s great for squeezing all the available juice out of your operations and something organizations strive for when working in a simple or complicated environment. It isn’t great for innovation, however, and isn’t something you should strive for in a complex environment. Organizations need to have […]

Scaling Agile.

https://youtu.be/mP3t11mWAVk Scaling Agile. Nail it before you scale it. The first rule of scaling is not to scale. Maybe you should descale rather than scale? We spoke about the Cynefin Framework in previous episodes and as a reference point, the clear space is where you and the team know exactly what to do, when to […]

Looking after yourself

https://youtu.be/n4QPasuEnDY Looking after yourself I want to talk to you about the importance of looking after yourself. It’s something that I have had to work very hard on myself, and it is something I work with leadership and executive teams to ensure they are always in optimal shape to make great decisions and lead from […]

Long lived impediments

https://youtu.be/a3cQgMhbTLg Long lived impediments Just a reminder, when I refer to leaders in my talks, I am referring to anyone within the organization that chooses to act like a leader rather than people who are designated a position of leadership. I often come across leaders and executives who let long-lived impediments happen on their watch, […]