XAgility Executive Coaching

Executive Agility Coaching

Executive Coaching and Agility coach for Leadership Teams.

The 21st Century requires a different approach. Organizations need to embrace the concept of Agility to thrive and consistently achieve competitive advantage in the product development space.

XAgility offers a proven roadmap from traditional management to Agility.

Our coaching programmes consist of one-to-one and cohort coaching that empowers executives and leadership teams to make pragmatic, actionable decisions that lead to increased agility.

Whether you are looking to improve product development or wanting to scale, our coaching team can help.

Executive and leadership coaching that helps your organization achieve organizational agility and scale using tried and proven frameworks.

Executive Coaching

One-to-one and cohort coaching that empowers executives to take immediate action and follow a proven roadmap to organizational agility.

Leadership Coaching

One-to-one and cohort coaching that empowers your leadership teams to adopt, deploy and lead organizational agility programmes.

Agile Coaching

One-to-one and cohort coaching that helps your agile and scrum teams achieve organizational agility and master product development.

XAgility Podcast

A podcast where John Coleman helps you make sense of Agility and provides insight and analysis on thought leadership in the industry. Interviews with CEOs and thought leaders for free, audio-learning series on premium.

XAgility e-Learning

An e-learning platform designed by John Coleman to help you work through the ideas, concepts, theory and frameworks associated with Agility. Interviews with CEOs and thought leaders for free, e-learning series on premium.

XAgility Blog

A series of video, articles and thought leadership pieces designed to help you discover what agility looks like and understand how it can successfully be adopted and implemented by executives and their leadership teams.

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Erin Donaghy Professional Agile Leadership

John is an incredibly helpful instructor. I completed the Agile Leadership course with his assistance, and his explanations were always very clear and emphasized the big picture thinking of Agile. The work in the class was very dynamic, looking at scenarios and working in small groups or pairs to discuss our ideas. I also appreciated his real world examples from his extensive work experience and knowledge base. John also has a wonderful sense of humor, an ideal trait in a teacher. Thank you!

Simone Cusimano Professional Agile Leadership

Well-structured and balanced course between theory and practice. Course full of exercises to put into practice what you are learning. You take home with you useful techniques that you can immediately apply in your work the day after. Many thanks to John Coleman for what he shared with me during the course and the follow-ups!

John Brookmyre Professional Scrum Master 1

Inspirational, insightful and engaging John thank you for your support guiding over 100 of our Agile Leaders through PSM1. The feedback from the groups was phenomenal with people sharing how much they liked your depth of knowledge, facilitation and support - Thank you! Could not recommend John highly enough - fabulous experience.

Chungan Ke Professional Kanban

John is an excellent trainer and an extremely knowledgeable mentor. I was able to gain so much from his teaching during the 16 hours of Professional Kanban training course. If anyone is looking for a Kanban trainer who not only can deliver the course material, but also share so much from his personal journey as an Agile practitioner, look no further, John is your guy.