Does Kanplexity work at scale?

Does Kanplexity work at scale?

Kanplexity is an alternative approach to project management and product development that helps project managers, leadership and executive teams navigate complexity and uncertainty.

It does work at scale.

Kanplexity is the only team-based approach to agile, currently on the market, that is designed for multiple teams in project management and product development environments.

Don’t get me wrong, having a single team focused on a single product is the best way to go about product development or project management. It allows them to focus, there are less dependencies, and they have a far greater chance of getting great work done.

But it is nonsense that multiple teams cannot work on a product or project effectively.

Most of the people that I train work in a multi-team environment. There might be 3 teams, there might be 10 teams, and there might be 20 teams all working on integrated, interconnected products.

A great example of this would be an autonomous car. The car is the product consumed by the customer or end user, but it requires firmware teams, hardware teams, and software teams to produce an integrated, interconnected product that works effectively.

There is rarely one team working on a single feature or product.

Kanplexity has taken this degree of complexity, and the integrated and interconnected nature of multiple teams working on a product, into account in its conception and design phase. In the appendix of the Kanplexity guide, there are some notes and recommendations of what to do in a multi-team context.

Agile leadership plays a strong role in creating an environment where a team, or team of teams, can thrive. Kanplexity has a guide, a leadership role, that helps the team or team of teams navigate complexity and make sense of what needs doing, why that matters, and how to take the next most valuable step despite uncertainty and complexity.

The Kanplexity guide provides insight into what other patterns you can bring to bear to make the project management and product development process even more valuable in the context of a multi-team environment.

It also has a format for multi-team development.

  • Favour
  • Try
  • Avoid

Kanplexity identifies what patterns your teams should favour because they are proven to be effective, others that you should try because the opportunity to progress is good, and others that you should avoid because they are proven to fail.

So, a lot of thought was put into a multi-team context and how kanplexity can help you achieve your product development and project management objectives at scale.

That is what scaling is all about. How do we get multiple teams to work together, effectively, on the problem we are trying to solve or the complex solution we are trying to build.

There is no need to reinvent the wheel with patterns. There are loads of successful, proven patterns out there and Kanplexity simply recommends the patterns that are proven to be effective.

Some examples would include:

  • Flight levels.
  • Nexus.
  • LeSS (Large Scale Scrum)
  • Agile Kata

And so forth.

Kanplexity identified from the onset that having a framework that empowers multiple teams to work on project management or product development was incredibly important. The framework simply wouldn’t contribute value if it didn’t enable multi-team environments.

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