How does Kanplexity help leaders navigate complexity?

How does Kanplexity help leaders navigate complexity?

There is a wonderful leadership decision-making framework called Cynefin, created by Dave Snowden, that helps leaders navigate complexity.

The framework has been around for about 21 years and has been perfected by the Cynefin team.

It has become the standard by which agile experts, consultants, and coaches explain complexity.

Cynefin is a lot like working with an onion. As you work through the framework and gain more knowledge and capability, the more you realise how little you know, and how difficult it becomes with each new layer of the framework that you explore.

So, Kanplexity gives you a point of departure to understanding Cynefin in the context of complexity, product development, and project management.

In Kanplexity, we’ve assigned a role known as a Kanplexity Guide. This person will need to understand complexity and use Kanplexity as well as the Cynefin framework to navigate complex situations and decisions.

Kanplexity does a great job at explaining Cynefin in a way that makes it valuable and useful to the Kanplexity guide as well as the leadership and executive teams they work with.

We have decoded Cynefin in layperson’s terms so that the framework is pragmatic, practical, and actionable in the context of product development, project management, and growing agility within the organization.

I like to refer to Cynefin as a compass that helps you move in the most valuable direction, in the most valuable way, at the most valuable time. Kanplexity helps you read the compass and make decisions based on your ‘true North’.

  • What do we do in a complicated space?
  • What do we do on the border of complicated and complex?
  • What do we do in a purely complex space?
  • What do we do in positive chaos?
  • What do we do in negative chaos?

And so forth.

A decision-making framework that helps you navigate uncertainty and complexity effectively.

Kanplexity decodes, for the Kanplexity guide, what actions and decisions are appropriate given the circumstances they encounter. What is the next best thing you can do right now to move forward?

It will guide you to:

  • Optimize for X in this circumstance.
  • Facilitate for Y in another given circumstance.
  • These would be appropriate measurements and metrics for this given point in time.

And so forth.

So, in the context of this question, Kanplexity gives leadership teams a good, solid starting point of what to do in complex environments and how to move forward, effectively, to solve the complex problem before you or to build the complex solution that is needed.

Cynefin is not an easy framework to understand, and Kanplexity helps you understand the Cynefin framework in a way that is practical, useful, and actionable in times of complexity.

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