How easy is it to run a Kanplexity pilot for the organization?

How easy is it to run a Kanplexity pilot for the organization?

It’s really simple.

One of the pragmatic elements of kanplexity is that we recognize that you already have skilled people working in teams, and you already have managers, so we don’t need to create any artificial accountabilities or roles to get started.

You don’t need a scrum master or product owner, you don’t need a release train engineer or a system architect. You simply need to get going and use the tools and frameworks available to navigate complexity and develop complex solutions.

If you have someone on the team that is a skilled project manager or committed stakeholder, they could take on the role of Kanplexity Guide. A leadership position within the framework that helps the team navigate complexity and decide what might be the next best step forward.

Over the past 12 months, we’ve seen a number of organizations – such as Capital One – reducing their headcount of agile accountabilities because they wanted to become LEAN and focus on their product development capabilities rather than simulate a textbook agile environment.

Kanplexity has the same focus on getting things done by starting where you are, using what you have, and building capability with each product development iteration.

Hire for skills and capabilities.

If your goal is to grow agile capabilities but also focus on acquiring great talent in a specific field, kanplexity is a great option. You don’t need to hire project managers, product owners, or scrum masters, you can hire great engineers and great managers.

People who are really good at building things, solving complex problems, and getting work done.

Kanplexity is not the goal, it’s the tool or framework that allows you to achieve your business goals, develop agile capabilities, and instil valuable agile practices in your environment.

You don’t need artificial change agents in your organization, you already have great change agents in your organization, they just don’t have ‘agile’ or ‘scrum’ in their job title or description. We just need to provide them with guidance on how to work differently and how to navigate complexity effectively.

We just need to work on agile behaviours and practices that help the team work effectively, allow work to flow efficiently through the system, and align their efforts with value creation for customers as well as the organization.


Cynefin is a wonderful sense-making framework, and it’s the primary compass that we use to help leaders and teams navigate complexity. In any given situation where the team are uncertain about what their next move should be, the cynefin framework empowers them to make effective and valuable decisions because they understand what is appropriate given their situation.

We only need one person on the team who understands the Cynefin framework, in the context of Kanplexity, and can guide the team through potential quicksand and storms.

Another feature of Kanplexity is the kanban boards that help the team visualize work throughout the product development cycle and allow them to manage the flow of work effectively and efficiently.

A pull-based system of work rather than overloading or overburdening the team by assigning work.

Kanplexity is really easy to adopt and has been successfully adopted and implemented in a number of industries, with pharmaceuticals being the latest industry to adopt the framework. You don’t have to be in software engineering to apply agile and leverage it to create products that customers value.

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