How good is the PSM II course for leadership?

How effective is the scrum.org Professional Scrum Master II course as a leadership course?

I personally think it’s a very good workshop for leaders and aspiring agile leaders to attend.

The PSM II course is aimed at advanced scrum masters and there is a lot of overlap between scrum masters and agile leaders. They have a lot of things in common like observing, listening, mentoring, coaching and teaching.

A great scrum master and agile leader are a change agent working on problems which are beyond the control and the influence of the team environment.

The PSM II course is very practical and pragmatic. We take people through a number of different stances required of the scrum master or agile leader and provide real world examples.

We also talk about metrics and measurement. We talk about how you can bring about organizational change.

I have had many leaders and agile leaders attending the PSM II workshop and I highly recommend it.

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