How good is the scrum.org PSU course for leadership?

How good is the scrum.org Professional Scrum UX course for leadership? I think it’s a wonderful course for leadership, especially Agile leadership because many organizations are focused exclusively on delivery.

To the extent that some people create what is known as ‘feature factories’, environments where the sole focus is on the delivery of features rather than the creation of value for customers and product stakeholders.

A lot is being produced but it isn’t necessarily creating an impact in the customer’s world nor is it delivering measurable, actionable value for them either.

Scrum UX enables #scrum teams to discover the over 70% of ideas that they should never build. 

How much money can you save? How much capacity can you save? How much more value could you create if you were focused exclusively on the areas that delivered the highest value and impact for customers.

How much more fulfillment could you create for your employees if they were only working on the most valuable work?

The Scrum UX workshop empowers teams to focus on limiting WIP (Work in Progress) and build the elements and features that most matter to customers, product stakeholders and product owners.

So, check out the Professional Scrum UX (PSU) course, it’s a very practical and valuable course that will help your organisation make decisions and execute against the most valuable ideas and concepts.

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