How is executive agile coaching going to empower agile leaders and executives?

How is executive agile coaching going to empower agile leaders and executives?

I want you to try folding your arms in the way you usually do when you are comfortable, engaged, and relaxed.

It feels great, doesn’t it.

It feels familiar, comfortable, and relatively easy to do since it’s a reflex action.

Now, I want you to try fold your arms the other way.

It’s hard, isn’t it?

Deleting ineffective behaviours and embracing new ones.

It’s hard to break a pattern of behaviour that is as comfortable and familiar to you as folding your arms. And it is especially hard when you add stress, deadlines, and other anomalies that usually derail your team.

In situations of intense stress, we usually revert back to what we have always done, and consciously or subconsciously, reverting back to what we know and trust helps us cope with stress and anxiety.

What if you have identified that ‘business as usual’ is not the best behaviour or practice for the teams and organization you serve? What if ‘the way things work around here’ needs to change for teams to thrive and deliver their best work?

That’s where X Agility coaches and agility chefs come into play.

We help you identify the behaviours, habits and practices that no longer serve the organization and help you adopt and embrace the new ones that do.

Intellectual adoption versus embedding behaviours.

As a member of the executive or leadership team, you’re clearly an intelligent, skilled, and hard-working individual. You wouldn’t have achieved the success you have without being in the top 1% of your organization’s performers.

So, we often find that leaders and executives quickly grasp the work we are trying to do and intellectually get why it’s important, how it will be effective, and why the organization will win if we embrace these frameworks, models, behaviours, and practices.

Living and breathing those elements is a very different kettle of fish.

You can intellectually grasp a concept but if it isn’t deeply embedded as a practice, you aren’t going to see the value of those concepts and behaviours in action.

You aren’t going to witness the power of those practices in your organization.

As agile coaches and agility chefs, we play a vital role in helping you embed these concepts, ideas, and behaviours into deeply embedded practices within the organization.

We help you move out of the intellectual space and into the organizational practice space.


In traditional organizations, a lot of executives and leaders seek certainty.

Traditional project management is based on the illusion of certainty because we have a full plan that includes budget and time constraints, and yet deep down we know these are simply guesses that may or may not work.

That’s fine in a simple or complicated environment, such as civil engineering, because we know how to build bridges, we know how much they cost, and we have a rough idea of who is best to do the work and how long it will take them to complete it.

In a complex environment, where we have never solved the problem before nor have we ever built the product or feature before, we have to navigate uncertainty and we have to acknowledge that there are many unknown variables that could impact our goals and objectives.

This is where Agile and Empirical Process Control come into their own.

We develop a hypothesis based on the best insight and intelligence our experts can provide, and we design an experiment to prove or disprove that hypothesis. We execute the experiment and use the data and evidence we gather to inform what we should attempt next.

Agility coaches and agility chefs play a vital role in helping teams and executives develop a culture of experimentation, deep learning, and cultivating an organization that makes decisions based on data and evidence rather than opinions.

We empower executives to navigate complexity and move forward, decisively and effectively, despite volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity in the markets they serve.

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