What are the main qualities of an Agile Leader?

What are the main qualities of an Agile leader? I look for humility. I look for authenticity. I look for someone who is going to be a true leader and focus on helping the whole organization become successful.

We need leaders who don’t focus exclusively on teams working faster. We need leaders who focus on helping the team make an impact and create real value for customers. Create products, features and services that truly delight customers and product stakeholders.

An Agile leader does not focus exclusively on quarterly revenue. They look to the future and attempt to discover unrealized value. How can we be invested in creating the right thing for our customers?

Many leaders are focused on milking the metaphorical cow, whilst Agile leaders are actively seeking new products and opportunities to create value for customers. Looking to create the next metaphorical cow that will yield significant returns on future investment.

Looking to discover the new jobs that customers are trying to get done and actively developing new services that will help them achieve that objective.

I’m looking forward to helping you get there.

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