What is authentic agility?

What is authentic agility? It is about people being inspired. It is about teams inspiring themselves and working in ways that suit them. Working in ways that unleash their creativity and passion.

Authentic agility happens when your team is more focused on delivering more customer value rather than simply delivering greater outputs.

It happens when your team explores how their work creates value and delivers impact for customers rather than simply measuring the number of projects they have completed.

When you have executives and leadership teams engaging with customers to understand the things they value most, and authentically engaging with teams to understand the problems they are dealing with and what obstacles are slowing them down.

Agility is not about teams working harder and faster, it is about exploring how the whole organization can work better together.

It’s about unlocking Agility through simplifying workflows and processes, maybe even deleting some of them.

So, authentic agility is really about identifying where you want to go, as a team, as an organization, and exploring how you can do that together.

Agility is not simply about following a set of practices or employing new tools. It’s about the mindset, it’s about the way we think, and it’s about the way we behave and work together as a team in a way that feels authentic.

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