What is Delta Stress?

What is Delta Stress?

Delta Stress is a concept from Spiral Dynamics – a body of knowledge from Professor Clare Graves, popularized by Don Beck and community – and it deals with the idea of progress.

Let’s say you have a growing number of teams, all embracing Agility, and all of a sudden you start to hit a ceiling where certain teams can’t progress because they have dependencies on other teams and departments within the organization, which leads to them feeling like a victim.

So, Delta Stress is when you are feeling like a victim of the situation and feel borderline helpless.

You can’t do anything unless other people make some kind of an intervention that makes the situation better.

So, a typical way to alleviate Delta Stress with agility, when really good teams are hitting that ceiling, is for executives and leadership teams to look for ways to organize and collaborate across value streams.

Look for ways to collaborate across products and avoid being stuck in departments, stuck in functions, but instead to work where the value is and to work together for the customer, in collaboration with the customer.

Doing so demonstrates that your intervention is intended to help those great teams achieve their goals and objectives, and at the same time, demonstrates that you place customer satisfaction and delight first.

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