What is the X-Agility podcast all about?

What is the X-Agility podcast all about?

The X-Agility podcast is there to help you understand what all these different thought leadership concepts in the world of agile, business agility, and agility are.

When you’ve got a challenge that needs to be solved, it can be very difficult to know which line of reasoning, methodology or proposed solution makes sense for your business and application.

Everybody has a keynote speech, a book, and a podcast series evangelising why their way is the best way and why you should be investing in their proposed methodology, tool, or model.

Where do you start? How much time do you invest in trying to understand what each speaker is saying and how their product, service or feature aligns with your business needs?

Your context matters. A lot. And you don’t have time to go through all the books, blog posts and articles being produced. I get that.

So, I help you to understand what these people are saying, how those ideas and concepts matter, and why it may be valuable for your business.

In the premium episodes of the X Agility podcast, you will hear me making sense of these concepts and helping you line up some of the most valuable ideas so that you can apply them all together in the context of your business and the challenges you face.

If you’re presented with 20 or 30 different concepts and ideas and are struggling to know what you should do, the X-Agility podcast is the perfect destination for you.

John Coleman has deep experience and expertise working with executives, #leadership teams and product development teams to achieve increased #businessagility and create environments where creativity and collaboration produce high-performance teams.

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