What kind of time commitments are needed for an executive when it comes to X Agility coaching?

What kind of time commitments are needed for an executive when it comes to X Agility coaching?

In the context of you, as an executive or senior leader within the organization, interacting with an agile coach or X Agility chef, you could work on the following guidelines to understand how much of your time would need to be invested with an agile coach or agile consultant.

We would need a minimum of a check-in once per week.

To be transparent, there is very little we can achieve with just a check-in on a weekly basis.

  • We would be comparing notes.
  • I would be telling you what I am observing in the environment.
  • I would be telling you what is potentially causing problems for the team.
  • I would slowly be understanding the politics of the organization, and how to move forward.

So, a single quick check-in won’t deliver as much value as a solid commitment to investing one day a week with me or your agility chef. A full day, once a week, would be ideal.

The middle ground

What does also work well is between 2 to 4 hours per week, where you as the executive are challenging me. I would also be challenging you to explore options, challenge the status quo, and think in terms of agile behaviours, practices, and decision-making models that could help the organization grow their agile capabilities.

In essence, helping you decide what might be the next right step. What is going to move us forward and help us overcome the challenges and impediments in the environment.

Ideally, we are going to run a series of experiments.

  • Design a hypothesis.
  • Design the experiments.
  • Implement the experiment.
  • Evaluate the data and evidence.
  • Decide on what we need to adapt to improve and move forward.
  • Decide on what we need to abandon, and how we can pivot effectively.

And so forth.

Small steps. We don’t need to bet the farm with agile, we just need to focus on identifying what the most valuable step to take, today, and to build momentum from there.

We would need to meet often enough that a solid relationship develops.

We need to be aligned on our messaging, our primary focus, and what is needed to improve the flow of work through the system. What is needed to move the needle on the metrics that matter most to the organization and the executive teams we are partnering with.

It really helps to think in terms of partnership when it comes to working with an agile coach.

So, a ballpark figure is 4 to 8 hours per week throughout the X Agility engagement model with a minimum of 2 to 4 hours per week.

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