What outcomes could executives expect after 90 days of the X Agility engagement model?

What outcomes could executives expect after 90 days of the X Agility engagement model?

The first 30 days of the X Agility engagement would be focused on discovery.

We’ll figure out:

  • What you are trying to achieve.
  • Why you are trying to achieve those goals and objectives.
  • How much appetite for change exists within the organization.

We would also do some measurements and assessments:

  • Current agile capability in the leadership teams.
  • Current agile capability in the executive teams.
  • How effectively work flows through the system.
  • How effectively the organization deals with complexity.

Identify starting points.

We would also be focused on exploring how best to start and where best to start.

It is tempting to start in the areas where we can capture or create the most value, but in my experience, it is best to start where there is the highest appetite for change and the most enthusiasm for getting things done.

The areas where people are really willing to take on the change. The areas where there is a sense of urgency to adopt new practices and behaviours. The areas where people are invested in the success of the organization and recognise that a new style of working is necessary to achieve results.

What to expect after 90 days of agile coaching and agile consulting.

In the 90-day period, we should have stepped into the first agile footprint of the organization and would already be demonstrating results from the first 60 days of that transition to Agile.

It depends on what most matters to your organization.

If it is time to market that matters most, we would be moving the needle on that objective. If it was improved quality and customer satisfaction, we would be moving the needle on those objectives.

You would already be witnessing real, tangible results and tracking that progression through the metrics and measurements we cocreated and designed at the start of the engagement.

You would also see alignment between broad organizational objectives and strategic objectives within the specific department or areas that we are working in.

Agile aligns teams of agile teams with organizational and customer objectives.

You would already have evidence of this within the first 90 days of an X Agility engagement.

Organizational Culture

There is a fairly significant difference between traditional management and project management practices, behaviours, and organizational culture versus agile culture, mindset, and practices.

One is robust, rigid, and tells people what to do, how to do it, and when to do it. Agile focuses on agile values and principles with guardrails in the form of lightweight agile frameworks that empower teams to make great decisions, solve problems within the influence and control of the team environment, and pursue a vision and goal from an inspirational, aspirational perspective.

No more carrot and stick. No more cracking a whip.

Authentic agility that inspires teams to dig deep and produce their best work.

In 90 days, you will already see a shift in organizational culture within the departments we are working in. You should also witness a lot of interest from other departments who are tracking or observing the pilot in progress.


X Agility are outcomes oriented.

You have the option of contracting or re contracting our services at the end of each 30-day period, and so if we are still in the mix after 90 days, you will definitely see a team or department building momentum.

We have defined our stages of engagement as:

  • Crawl
  • Walk
  • Jog
  • Run

And so forth.

So, after 90 days you will be making that transition from crawling to walking effectively.

Consistent, great behaviour and outcomes are flowing from the teams and with each iteration, the team grow in confidence and capability. They are beginning to witness the power of agile frameworks and philosophies in their professional lives and are beginning to embrace the opportunity of agile transformation wholeheartedly.

So are you, as the executive and leadership team.

This isn’t warm and fuzzy stuff. Its real momentum driven by the achievement of solid, realistic goals and objectives.

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