What would be a great example of an executive coaching outcome?

What would be a great example of an executive coaching outcome?

For me, that would be helping an executive declutter ahead of the teams they work with.

Those processes, workflows, and systems that the teams are grappling with. The things that really impede their agility and prevent them from progressing into a high-performing team.

A great executive coach will help executives and leadership teams address and solve problems that prevent the team from achieving their goals and objectives.

If you have identified velocity as an important metric for the teams, and several problems are identified that impede the team from achieving that, a great executive coach will help the executive identify those problems, explore the best options to solve those problems, and determine a plan of action that addresses and resolves those problems.

A great analogy for that is a snow plough.

There’s heaps of snow everywhere and it makes agility and execution incredibly difficult. Imagine that you, as the executive, are the snow plough that clears the path and empowers the team to move quickly, effectively, and with increased agility.

In many instances, a great leadership team will have developed high performing teams that are kind of like a Ferrari in terms of performance. The problem is that the road is filled with sheep and the car is unable to demonstrate any of the performances that make it such a unique and valuable car.

A great executive will clear the road and empower the Ferrari to perform in the way it was designed to perform.

An X Agility executive coach acts as a partner in helping the executive declutter environments and empower teams and individuals to achieve their highest potential. They also partner with leaders to identify what else could be done to empower the team to build momentum and continuously improve with each iteration.

So, for me, that would be a great example of an executive coaching outcome.

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